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Artist Biography

"Painting is like composing music, it comes from the same place."
-Lee Oskar, Painter and Musiscian

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Northwest, Lee Oskar's recent acrylic on canvas series explores the relationship between strongly contrasting elements with vividly colored, tonal backgrounds. Capturing an almost photographic quality of realism, the juxtaposition of these powerfully contrasting natural elements is both stunning and arresting, inviting a prolonged engagement with the viewer.

15 years of exploring the solitary back roads and dramatic coastlines of the Pacific Northwest, Lee draws upon this extensive visual catalog of influences and experiences as a prominent force in bold, large format imagery characterizing his work.

Lee's life long engagement with the creative process began at an early age. With little more than a ballpoint pen and sheets of loose leaf typing paper, Lee began what would become a life long passion for highly imaginative, visual expression.

Over the decades, Lee has explored a wide range of imagery, styles and techniques. Some of Lee's early work, published in 1994 by Journey Editions, in a collection entitled "Musicians As Artists", reflects a highly detailed, black and white, pen and ink drawing style, imaginatively transforming realistically rendered elements into abstractly surreal, organic forms.

Some of you may know Lee Oskar as one of the founding members of the jam band WAR, who produced Gold and Platinum recording hits such as "Low Rider", "Cisco Kid" and "Why Cant We Be Friends". As art director, Lee was instrumental in creating WAR's many album covers.

Forever the artist, dedicated to perfecting the quality of his signature instrument, Lee introduced his own line of harmonicas in 1983.

Known for superior quality and sound, Lee Oskar Harmonicas are preferred by professional players all around the world. Whether composing music or creating his next visual composition, Lee's creative work is a reflection of his rich and full life experiences.

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Lee Oskar - SummerII   Lee Oskar - Biking On An Autumn Day   Lee Oskar - The First Day of Autumn   Lee Oskar - The Two Of Us

Lee Oskar

Summer II
Original Acrylic 30"x40"

Lee Oskar

Biking On An Autumn Day
Original Acrylic 22"x28"

Lee Oskar

The First Day of Autumn
Original Acrylic 24"x20"

Lee Oskar

The Two of Us
Original Acrylic 24"x36"