What is Your Wall My Gallery™?

Your Wall My Gallery™ is another masterful innovation created by Lee Oskar. Lee Oskar, famously known as one of the founding members of the jam band WAR, produced Gold and Platinum recording hits, such as "Low Rider." "Cisco Kid," and "Why Cant We Be Friends." As the band's art director, Lee was instrumental in creating WAR's many album covers.

Lee continues his artistic ventures to include a vast collection of acrylic painting on canvas and is excited to share his artwork with the public. After experiencing several traditional avenues, such as art galleries and exhibits, Lee ingeniously developed the concept that he could place his original paintings in select establishments where the public can view them regularly.

What is a Giclee Print?

(pronounced "zhee-clay) A reproduction process that results in high quality digital inkjet prints by spraying ink directly onto the paper or canvas. This method offers the highest degree of accuracy and can match the colors of the original artwork with millions of possible hues.

How does Your Wall My Gallery™ Work?

If you are interested in Your Wall My Gallery™, we will meet with you to assess your space and the prospect to exhibit Lee's original masterpieces at your establishment. Originals or Giclee art pieces are hung where you and your customers can enjoy the displayed art along with the accompanying information about the Your Wall My Gallery™ program. The establishment then assists with information about the availability of these collectable gilcees which are produced from Lee's original paintings. Giclee's provides an affordable opportunity for individuals to invest and enjoy the beauty of Lee's masterpieces, as his original pieces often range from ten to twenty thousand dollars.

When there is interest in a particular painting, the individual would be directed to the Lee Oskar Paintings website to purchase a giclee print. The establishment will have a chosen charity that they would like to promote. Anytime a giclee is sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to support your chosen charity. In addition, any sales of giclee's of your displayed artwork that is sold, even if the individuals have not visited your establishment, your charity will still receive a portion of the proceeds from each sale.

Your Wall My Gallery™ - Featured Artist: Lee Oskar

Lee Oskar - SummerII   Lee Oskar - Biking On An Autumn Day   Lee Oskar - The First Day of Autumn   Lee Oskar - The Two Of Us

Lee Oskar

Summer II
Original Acrylic 30"x40"

Lee Oskar

Biking On An Autumn Day
Original Acrylic 22"x28"

Lee Oskar

The First Day of Autumn
Original Acrylic 24"x20"

Lee Oskar

The Two of Us
Original Acrylic 24"x36"